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Invitational Golf Tournament

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Our mentoring program works to teach young men the principles of manhood and create responsible leaders.

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“Knowledge is one thing … but exposure is the difference. I can tell you what I know, but when I come show you, that’s a different world.”

Steve Harvey, discussing the impact and importance of exposure.

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Steve Harvey Mentoring Program for Young Men

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Enhancing the development of girls through positive self-image, educational achievement and cultural enrichment.

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“You want to have someone who’s been down the path you’re headed down. These ladies are our future leaders and we have to invest in them.”

Marjorie Harvey, discussing the importance of mentoring.

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Girls Who Rule The World

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Providing single mothers with the key principles of success needed in raising a young man. Our program equips the mothers with the tools to become mentally, emotionally, financially and physically strong.

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Follow Up Programs

Our Mentoring Camps are just the beginning. It is our goal to follow-up with the young people and engage them with programming throughout the year that will contribute to their development.

Community Service

The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation is proud to partner with people and organizations who are meeting the needs of the underserved, providing food, clothing, shoes and other necessities.

Special Thanks to our Partners